Mehsana Jilla Mitra Mandal
Mehsana-Patan-Gandhinagar Reg. No. E/1371, Dt: 25/03/1986

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My all dear friends & respected elders,

Since 35 years of inception, our Mandal have first time published hard copy of Mehsna Jilla Mitra Mandal (MMM) Directory in 2007 with 1450 members.

Now, as on date, when our membership have increase to more than 1900, current updating will be possible with this “Web Dictionary”. There are many enormous advantages of this soft copy-which you will learn as you go on using the same.

Over and above I have some important message to convey you all are …..

1. Our constitution & Trustee Mandal are once filled in 1992 remain unchanged till date, although some trustee have expired, migrated and become inactive.

2. On establishing trust worthy “Trust”, after making necessary alternation in constitution, MMM can focus further from “Sangathan” to “Shikshan” & then march towards “Unnatti”.

3. This time in 2012, without having forced or compelled, our members have extended good support to run our annual activity- I am thankful for same to all the 107 donours.

4. I need and expecting further financial support at your best to gear-up the activity in the field of education by way of offering Loan for higher education, School Fees to bright student etc etc.

Hope you all will not let me down …

Yours Truly